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GPSA is the India’s Topmost Stock Advisory Service. Everyone desires to get rich and wants to live a better Lifestyle. Stock Investment is one of the top most brilliant options to earn huge money. If you invest in good stocks, Surely You will earn more money. We are the one of the Right Stocks Picking Advisor. In Stock Trading and also talented tips provider in NSE and MCX, There are 2 types of trading intraday or day trading and positional trading. GPSA Service's main aim is to maximize profits in stock market to our customers. We are providing detailed information about day trading tips, F&O tips, positional future tips and commodity tips also. This will help to make highest returns to customers. We are providing Both NSE and MCX Tips. We are providing Accurate Intraday Calls in all segments with perfect timing. We give Calls through SMS or Hangouts to our paid customers. Our Advisory Team knows the pulses of market volatility and also we guarantee best co-ordination and support to our customers to attain their profit.

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Future Contract:

Futures and Options are the 2 types of the general structure of DERIVATIVES. Derivatives are the financial implement that derive their significance from underlying. The underlying in NSE share market is a stock issued by the company.

Futures Contract:

In Finance, Futures Contract is a standardized forward contract, a legal agreement to buy or sell something at a predetermined price a specified time in the future. Contracts are negotiated at future exchanges, which act as a marketplace between buyers and sellers. The buyer of a contract is said to be long position holder, and the selling party is said to be short position holder.

Advantages of Future Contract:

Futures and options are both derivative instruments, which means they derive their value from an underlying asset or instrument. Both futures and options have their own advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages of options is obvious. An option contract provides the contract buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an asset or financial instrument at a fixed price on or before a predetermined future month. That means the maximum risk to the buyer of an option is limited to the premium paid. But futures have some significant advantages over options. A futures contract is a binding agreement between a buyer and seller to buy or sell an asset or financial instrument at a fixed price at a predetermined future month. Though not for everyone, they are well suited to certain investments and certain types of investors.

Five advantages of Futures Contract compare to Options Contract:

i) Futures are great for trading certain investments: Futures may not be the best way to trade stocks, for instance, but they are a great way to trade specific investments such as commodities, currencies and indexes Their standardized features and very high levels of leverage make them particularly useful for the risk-tolerant retail investor. The high leverage allows those investors to participate in markets to which they might not have had access otherwise.

ii) Fixed upfront trading costs: The margin requirements for major commodity and currency futures are well-known because they have been relatively unchanged for years. Margin requirements may be temporarily raised when an asset is particularly volatile, but in most cases, they are unchanged from one year to the next. This means a trader knows in advance how much has to be put up as initial margin. On the other hand, the option premium paid by an option buyer can vary significantly, depending on the volatility of the underlying asset and broad market. The more volatile the underlying or the broad market, the higher the premium paid by the option buyer.

  1. No time decay: This is a substantial advantage of futures over options.Options are wasting assets,which means their value declines over time-a phenomenon known as time decay. A number of factors influence the time decay of an option, one of the most important being time to expiration. An options trader has to pay attention to time decay, because it can severely erode the profitability of an option position or turn a winning position into a losing one. Futures, on the other hand, do not have to contend with time decay.
  1. Liquidity: This is another major advantage of futures over options. Most futures markets are very deep and liquid, especially in the most commonly traded commodities, currencies and indexes. This gives rise to narrow bid-ask spreads and reassures traders they can enter and exit positions when required. Options, on the other hand, may not always have sufficient liquidity, especially for options that are well away from the strike price or expire well into the future.  
  1. Pricing is easier to understand: Futures pricing is intuitively easy to understand. Under the cost-of-carry pricing model, the futures price should be the same as the current spot price plus the cost of carrying (or storing) the underlying asset until the maturity of the futures contract. If the spot and futures prices are out of alignment, arbitrage activity would occur and rectify the imbalance. Option pricing, on the other hand, is generally based on the black-scholes model, which uses a number of inputs and is notoriously difficult for the average investor to understand.


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Stock Index Future:

Stock index futures are used for hedgingtrading and investments. Index futures are also used as leading indicators to determine market sentiment. Hedging using stock index futures could involve hedging against a portfolio of shares or equity index options. Trading using stock index futures could involve, for instance, volatility trading. Investing via the use of stock index futures could involve exposure to a market or sector without having to actually purchase shares directly.

Equity index futures and index options tend to be in liquid markets for close to delivery contracts. They trade for cash delivery, usually based on a multiple of the underlying index on which they are defined.

Options Contract:

Options Contract gives the buyer the right to buy/sell the underlying asset at a predetermined price, within, or at end of a specified period. He is, however, not obligated to do so. The seller of an option is obligated to settle it when the buyer exercises his right.



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Trend Trading is a trading tactic that efforts to capture gains through the analysis of an asset's momentum in a scrupulous direction. The trend trader enters into the long position when the stock is trending upward. Conversely, a short position is taken when the stock is in a down trend.

Trend trading is one of the most efficient and easy to use methods for making money in the stock market. Trend trading success depends upon identifying and analyzing the trend after it has started and getting out of the trend as soon as possible after the trend reverses.

Trend Trading engages taking a position in the markets with a view of holding that position for week to months for larger than normal gains. Trend traders or investors generally trade the long term or secular trends and are not anxiety with the day to day market volatility.

Breaking Down Trend Trading

This strategy presumes that the present directions of the stock will carryon into the future. It can be used by short, transitional or long-term traders. In spite of their selected time frame, traders will remain in their position until they consider the trend has reversed. But reversal may happen at different times for each time frame.

Important Rules for Trend Trading Any Market



One of the most psychologically difficult but most satisfying trading policies is that little something called trend following. This strategy is often applied by macro fund managers, trend follower funds and an array of other players. To some level, most traders and investors are trend followers, the difference falsehood in their approach to analyzing the market.

By definition, in the trend following strategy, traders and investors simply stay the trend in the underlying market until it ends. It's a uncomplicated concept, however it is also one that beginner traders often undervalue by miles in terms of the degree of skill needed to successfully execute the strategy. Beginner traders look at a trend, see a low point and a high point, and think to themselves, picking absolute lows and highs in trading and investing on a consistent basis is not possible.

The trick falsehood in having a set of rules and technical tools that if and when triggered, give the trader the move up and down that trader’s entry point, stoploss, or profit target has been triggered. The second and more difficult part is training ones brain to actually take the trade when the signal has arrived, and leave second guessing, doubt, fear and self-indulgence checked at the entry, each and every time. Consistency is the key to success here. The more constant a trader is in sticking to trader/investor rules, the less taxing the trend following strategy is on the mind.

Ø  Golden Rule: Don’t chase the stocks, patience is rewarded

Ø  Buy or Sell: Shrinks to moving averages or trend lines or breakouts

Ø   Buy or Sell: Breakouts above moving averages and trend lines

Ø   Buying or Selling after confirmation increases probability of success

Ø   Buying or Selling at shrinks greatly limits losses and maximizes profitability

Ø   Use momentum oscillators for confirmation of support and resistance at moving averages and trend lines

Ø   Traders must use candlesticks for confirmation of support and resistance zones

Ø   Traders/Investors use convergence zones- the coming together of multiple indicators, to add to trend following positions

It’s ok to get stopped out-that's the cost of doing business. Just be sure to get rid of losing trades quickly and without uncertainty. The next trend trade will be coming soon.

Also, traders must attentive that a trend is broken or weakening when,

• A major trend line or moving average breaks.

• Long candlesticks start to emerge on the charts.

• Momentum oscillator begins to show deviation from price action.


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Short Position

The prospect of the investor is that the price of the stocks will reduce over time, at which point the trader/investor will buy the shares in the open market and go back the shares to the broker which he borrowed them from. Short Position is the speculation/investment plan wherever the investor/trader sold the shares of borrowed the stocks in the open market.



Even as getting into a short position is habitually done with stocks, the same logic of the trading appropriates to other types of assets such as stock options, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), commodities and also currencies. Short-selling puts the trader/ investor into a position of limitless risk and a limited reward. Short-selling is one plan to use if you consider the price of the underlying asset will decrease in the future and investor want to profit from that loss.

Short Position Mechanism


To go short the stocks, an investor/trader have to borrow the shares from their brokerage firm, be in agreement to pay an interest rate as a fee. Once the shares are protected and borrowed, the investor/trader sells them in the open at the current price and receives the cash amount for the trade. At this end, a negative position amount is recorded in the investors/traders account. Afterward, if the price turn down, the investor/trader buys the same quantity of shares in the open market and returns them to the broker. If the shares have turn down, the investor makes a profit. If the shares/stocks increased in price more than the time period, the investor takes a loss and be obliges that money to the brokerage firm.

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Equity intraday stock trading is defined as trading the stocks in nse equity cash segment. Intraday trading is a trading within a day only. all intraday traders have to close all open positions before market closes or all open positions will be automatically square off. Our Intraday equity/share trading tips are based on technical and fundamental analysis of the nse market. Intraday equity cash tips service is a tactic by which traders/investors can get probabilities of making by following the tips/recommendations. In accurate equity cash intraday service, we give appropriate and timely stock recommendations. We give technical levels to buying or selling, with appropriate targets and stop loss. Therefore our customers/clients can get maximum benefit out of intraday equity tips on stock advice in script on daily basis. Our team works contributed in order to make possibilities of our customers/traders benefit. Traders will get 2-3 intraday calls. Calls will depend on technical level and market movements. Complete customer support provide by our technical analyst. Appropriate entry and exit levels of intraday stock cash tips will update. We are giving appropriate follow-up during market hours through SMS/ Calls or Hangouts to our subscribers and also give proper notifications and intimations of all our NSE market calls for equity intraday cash tips. Customers/clients can be availed our stock advices through the medium of SMS or HANGOUTS.

Equity intraday tips service package gives a strategy to trade with opportunity to make a probabilities of maximum profits accordance to the stock market movement. In this sureshot intraday tips in nse stock market equity cash trading with high accuracy( more than 90%). we provide tips/recommendation in stock market advice in which bigger movements is expected in intraday. Our technical and research team gives you stock tips/cash intraday tips/nse share market tips/ recommendation on the in-depth analysis using technical charts and patterns, candle sticks by using SMS gateway system. This system delivers all of our stocks/ calls to you immediately, therefore that you have enough time to perform intraday equity trade in the stock/share market.


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Financial Market:

Financial Market is the mechanism that allows people to trade financial securities, like bonds, shares, etc.., 

Functions of Financial Markets:

  • Enlistment of economy and conducting them into most dynamic use.
  • Makes possible price detection
  • Give liquidity to financial possessions
  • Decrease price of transaction      
  • The Financial Markets can be divided into two types. They are


Ø  Money Market

Ø Capital Market


Money Market:



Money market is a market of debt securities,like treasury bills. It facilitates issuance and trading of short term non equity debt instruments,like treasury bills,commercial papers,certificates of deposit,etc,


Capital Market:



Capital Market/Stock Market is a market for long term debt and equity shares. In this market both debt and equities are traded. Capital Market can be divided into 2 types. They are

Ø  Primary Market

Ø  Secondary Market




Primary Market is the segment in which securities are offered to public,for investment.Through this platform corporate raise capital for further development of their ventures.




Secondary Market is the segment in which the listed securities are traded. It provides a platform for people to buy and sell shares,bonds and debentures etc. So this platform is perfect for raisin money,and for investors to participate in the growth of companies through various investment options available in the market.

In India, there are many regional stock exchanges through which shares of listed companies are bought and sold. Apart from the regional stock exchanges,there are two main exchanges on which most of the trades are done.

Ø  BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange)

Ø  NSE (National Stock Exchange)



It is the very oldest stock exchange not only in India but also in Asia. It was the first exchange to receive recognition from Indian Government.


BSE Online Trading (BOLT) facilitates online screen based trading in securities. BSE  reaches to over 400 cities across over India.

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Everyone can make money in Stock Market in following ways:-

  • Investment (Delivery Based Trade)
  • Speculation (Intraday and Derivatives Positions)
  • Hedging and Arbitrage
  • Margin Funding
  • Dividend Income
  • Investment:



    Those who want to hold a stock for a few days or few months or a few years, they have to take delivery of the stock. Such stocks are bought through trader’s stock broker, which is then transferred to trader’s demat account, where it stays in electronic form, and trader can get a statement of it on monthly or quarterly basis, as opted by trader, which shows the balance of stocks trader will hold in demat account. This option is for such people who want to buy shares as per the spare amount they have at hand. One must always remember, that trader cannot employ buy and forget strategy in case of shares.


    In Investment Strategy, we have to take care of the shares. For Example : When we sow the seeds, we have to take care of it. Later it will grow into a big tree and stand fruits. Same in the case with investment in stock/share market. If fruits are not get in time, they will rot, in same way,one has to learn to book profits on time to make good profits on investments. If proper monitoring and care is taken,stocks can give extraordinary returns in the long term. Moreover, One can also do BTST and STBT in stocks that traders are holding for longer periods.


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Derivative Speculation:


Derivatives are the monetary mechanism that are linked to a particular economic pointer or indicator or commodity and through which exact financial risks can be traded in financial markets in their be in possession of right. The assessment of a financial derivative derives from the cost of an underlying item, such as the index.


There are two primary forms of derivatives:


  • Futures
  • Options






The Future Contracts are a concurrence between two persons to buy or sell an asset at a certain time in the future at an assured price. Future Contracts are special types of forward contracts in the sense that the earlier are standardized exchange-traded contracts.

Futures Terminology:


Lot Size:


Every Future Contract has a specific lot size. At a given time, there are 3 months contract open to trade. For example, if current month is April, then futures for April, May and June month are available to trade.





Every Future Contract expires on the last trading Thursday of the month. So those don’t sell their future before last trading Thursday, their lots get squared off at the closing price on the expiry day.




One has to pay initial margins to buy a future. It could be anywhere from 10% to 25% in a normal market conditions, and the margins could rise in volatile markets.






After buy the future, mark to market is calculated daily based on the difference of closing price from buy price.

If the difference is positive, then the amount gets credited in trader’s account. If the difference is negative, one has to pay the respective mark to market.

After the position is squared off, if its in positive, one gets the profit and margins back. If its in negative, and if one has paid mark to market losses at regular intervals, then one gets the margin back.

If one fails to pay the mark to market losses, those losses are cut from the initial margins, and the surplus left is paid back.







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Speculation can be done by taking intraday speculation as well as derivatives positions.

Intraday Speculation:

In Intraday Trading, a stock is bought and sold on the same day, with the profit or loss. Delivery is not taken in this case. Major aim of intraday trading is to try and take advantage of intraday movements speculated by various stocks. If trading is done after proper study, with the monitoring through intraday charting software, it can result into positive cash flows. But If trading is done unsystematically, it becomes gambling.


In Intraday Trading at the end of the day position is to be compulsorily squared off, whether the end result is positive (profit)or negative(loss). One must never take delivery to avoid in intraday loss. But unfortunately, most people when suffer from intraday loss they end up taking delivery which is not always advisable. If one does not have the adequate holding capacity, losses can increase due to this.

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The Future Contracts are a concurrence between two persons to buy or sell an asset at a certain time in the future at an assured price. Future Contracts are special types of forward contracts in the sense that the earlier are standardized exchange-traded contracts.

Futures Terminology:

Lot Size:

Every Future Contract has a specific lot size. At a given time, there are 3 months contract open to trade. For example, if current month is April, then futures for April, May and June month are available to trade.


Every Future Contract expires on the last trading Thursday of the month. So those don’t sell their future before last trading Thursday, their lots get squared off at the closing price on the expiry day.



One has to pay initial margins to buy a future. It could be anywhere from 10% to 25% in a normal market conditions, and the margins could rise in volatile markets.


After buy the future, mark to market is calculated daily based on the difference of closing price from buy price.

If the difference is positive, then the amount gets credited in trader’s account. If the difference is negative, one has to pay the respective mark to market.

After the position is squared off, if its in positive, one gets the profit and margins back. If its in negative, and if one has paid mark to market losses at regular intervals, then one gets the margin back.

If one fails to pay the mark to market losses, those losses are cut from the initial margins, and the surplus left is paid back.




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Options are of two types. They are

  • Call Option
  • Put Option

Call Option:

Call Option is defined as to gives the buyer the right but not the obligation to buy a given quantity of the underlying asset, at a given price on or before a given future date.

Put Option:



Put Option is defined as to gives the buyer the right but not the obligation to sell a given quantity of the underlying asset at a given price on or before a given date.

  • When one is bullish, they buy a call option
  • When one is bearish, they buy a put option

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Swing Trading:

In swing Trading position is taken with a view of short term resistances and supports, and trader tries to make the profit by moving fast in such scenarios. For Example, if long term trend is down, still the stock can show a pull back for say 4 to 5 days. A swing trader takes advantage of such movements. In case of swing trading, person has to act quickly one has to always book profit in time, as pullbacks doesn’t last longer, and the profits can be wiped out fast, if not booked at correct time.

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B.T.S.T (Buy Today Sell Tomorrow):

Buy Today Sell Tomorrow (B.T.S.T) is a strategy adopted when the trader see that today market is good, and next day also expect markets to open firm, and the stock is expected to open up in gap.

In such scenario, if the trader is holding 300 shares of one particular company, the trader can buy additional 300 shares of it to be sold next day. Now if the stock shows positive movement next day, trader can make profit on the additional 300 shares, which the trader sells it next day. Original 300 shares still remain in trader’s account and trader can profit on the additional shares bought by doing B.T.S.T.

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S.T.B.T (Sell Today Buy Tomorrow):


Sell Today Buy Tomorrow (S.T.B.T) is done when the trader see market is weak today, and next day also think that markets may decline a little more. To take advantage of this trader can sell the stock that trader is holding to be bough the next day. 

For Example, If trader is holding 2 lots in one particular company in future, trader sell 2 lots on that day and buy back the 2 lots on next day at lower prices, thus making profit of decline. 

Always do S.T.B.T only if the expected decline is minimum or big. In case of a big decline, one must exit the stock, and wait till it takes support and not try to buy it the very next day.



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Arbitrage is defined as where risk in almost non-existent. In this advantage is taken of the price differences that prevail on different exchanges for the same stock. Risk is non-existent, as this is all about spotting the price differences, which shows clear profit present, and its not a prediction where the trader have to wait for the expected moves.

In arbitrage, one has to have adequate funds and stocks at hand. There are people who lend stocks and let people do arbitrage by asking a certain percentage in profit. This is an excellent option for those who are prepared to spend time in front of the terminal and spot and take advantage of price differences. They can make earn money.


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Hedging is defined to reduce risk of adverse price movements in security, by taking offsetting position in related instruments like options or futures. But through hedging we can reduce the impact of that negative event on our portfolio. Hedging reduces risk, but it also can reduce the potential profits. 


As opposite positions are taken in hedging, if the hedging position is not reversed in time, we will lose profits that are receivable during an uptrend. So it should be clear to us that with the help of hedging we won’t generate positive cash flow. If applied efficiently, it will definitely safeguard us against the potential losses. Most portfolio managers, use hedging as an effective tool to reduce their exposure to various risks prevalent in this field.




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Stock Market Analysis :

Among Various types of analysis techniques, there are two analysis types with the help of which we can do successful investment and trading. They are


  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis

Fundamental Analysis:

In fundamental analysis, most people believe that by checking the fundamentals, if we invest money in such stock, they will get immediate results. But this is not the case every time. There are stocks that look fundamentally strong, but remain stragglers for long time. Just on basis of good results one can’t force into the stock immediately. There are lots of factors that one must analyze before taking a decision. Symbolically, if we take a company as a certain make of bike, they its fundamentals are the fuel that drives the company, and the technical factors are the concerned person. The person may be having a great make of bike, but if the fuel is of low quality, and the person is weak, then the person can’t get far in that bike. The fuel of the bike means various positive developments in the company, which good be best results, or long term positive orders. Now how far the bike goes, where does it take halts, and in which direction it goes, depends on the person too.

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The performance of the vehicle is weaken depending on the quality of fuel, for example, whether the petrol is high octane, of low quality. A vehicle with high quality fuel can give better performance, same way a company observing good results can give better results in longer run. When a good vehicle is reared by the good fuel and good driver, it goes far in the race. This is an just example for fundamental analysis. With the help of technical analysis, we are able to take advantage of short term as well as long term cycles.

In fundamentally and technically sound stocks, when markets face enough times in short term cycles, they are somewhat protected to the adverse effects during such periods. When good stocks decline a bit, they cover as fast, whereas much penny stocks after declining may never rise again, or even can go broken, where they are de-listed and no longer traded. Thatswhat always insist in putting money in fundamentally and more importantly technically good stocks.

In Stock Market, if we focus on that, rather than why, it can save lot of time and energy. Charts cover all the aspects into it. So if we focus on the trend, and stay invested till the trend remains intact, and if we have loss cutting (Stoploss) mechanism in place, we needn’t care about why the stock is moving up, as long it is moving up. Any stock we invest must be liquid enough to give us opportunity to exit when we want to. So the only filter we need to have is to extract speculative stocks having very low volumes. As at any stage the volumes can dry up and even if the price is good, there are no buyers, which can lead to consistent seller circuits, and the trader is not able to do anything but can watch helplessly.

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