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Grievance Redressal System

We believe in keeping the clients happy.Our reliable endeavor is to accomplish customer’s pleasure by enhancing the productivity of investors and traders we provide. GPSA tries to maintain good quality and support in all services. The following process shall be pursued for registering your complaint with us.

Step 1

All the customers having complaint regarding any issue with delivery of services, customer shall contact to his / her concern person. All Customers’ necessitate following these steps to solve his / her issue arises. If not get appropriate solution, feel free to follow next step.

Step 2

Client's having complaint regarding any service, customer shall write a mail at info@gpsa.in. To make sure timely recording and acknowledgement of the grievance, the respective department shall revert within 48 hours w.r.t redresses of such complaint.

Step 3

If the customer still wants to escalate the complaint, he / she can write a mail at compliance@gpsa.in, Concerned Person being the highest authority would be able to resolve the redressal in 72 Hours.


Please note that in case customer marks a copy of mail to all the levels, it will not be considered as escalated information, it shall in any case start from level 1 and only in case of a separate mail after expiration or reply from the previous level shall the complaint be considered at next level.

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